While we were focused on original IP at Seamless, one of our core competencies was interface and end-user experience, and this is largely due to the work of Baback Moussavi. I had the pleasure of working with Baback on multiple products and was always glad to have him on the roster.

Very early on in the development of SOL, we were able to begin prototyping and iterating on the style and presentation of the UI, and we continued this process of refinement throughout the entire dev cycle. This really helped us deliver a much more polished and professional looking product than is usually expected for such a small team. Baback was the driving force behind this attention to detail and polish.

It is rare to find artists who understand the importance of interface, are good at building them, and actually enjoy the work. An artist who covers all three, and is a genuine, kind person to boot? Almost impossible to find. Unless you know Baback!

Dan Magaha - Studio Director, Seamless Entertainment, Inc.

Every time I checked with Baback about what he was cooking up visually I was absolutely amazed. Family Fun Football was shipped on a very tight schedule and Baback consistently delivered fantastic work under impossible deadlines. He has passion for making games visually sparkle and I would recommend him for any team.

Adrian Walker - Lead Designer, Seamless Entertainment, Inc.

Baback can make any deliverable look good. I’ve seen him assigned to some of the most awkward concepts and ideas and turn those into portfolio pieces. He has a positive, “can do” attitude with all tasks, which I have come to respect, and puts a level of detail and polish into his work that I hope to match one day. Baback is easy to work with and very much loved by every one in the office. I would strongly recommend him and hope to get to work with him again in the future.

Bryan Lian - Artist, KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

Baback is one of the most talented artists I’ve worked with. He has a keen attention to detail and works hard to create the best product he can. His passion for quality games pushes him to make top-notch artwork.

Alan Palmer - Programmer, Kush Games