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7/2017 TO PRESENT • Scopely • Los Angeles, CA
  • Responsible for all items listed below as UI Artist at Scopely after promotion.
  • Given the responsibility to build prefabs from the ground up to pass on to engineers.
  • Given the responsibility of getting more involved in UX and game design decisions than what was previously awarded.
UI ARTIST • Scopely
1/2016 TO 6/2017 • Scopely • Los Angeles, CA
  • Responsible for conceptualizing and implementing User Interface art for Wheel of Fortune Free Play on iOS and Android.
    • Responsible for creating pixel-perfect mockups for new features as-needed.
    • Created final art assets (PSDs, PNGs, Jpegs, UI scene creation and animation, etc.) and prepared them for implementation within Unity.
    • Implemented and polished art assets and screen layouts within Unity, which included light script editing and hooking up text labels.
  • Communicated with and worked very closely with Art Directors, Lead Artists, Designers, Producers, and Programmers on a daily basis to push help push the visual fidelity of our project.
UI ARTIST • Petroglyph Games
4/2014 TO PRESENT • Las Vegas, NV
  • Responsible for wireframing, conceptualizing, and implementing User Interface art for both shipped and currently in-development titles.
    • Created hand sketches of UI frames, screen designs, and icons of varying styles for multiple projects.
    • Created final art assets (PSDs, Targas, PNGs, Jpegs, UI scene creation and animation, etc.) and prepared them for implementation within proprietary UI tools.
  • Created logo concepts for game pitches and shipped titles.
  • Communicated with and worked very closely with Art Directors, Designers, Producers, and Programmers on a daily basis across, sometimes, three simultaneous projects.
1/2013 TO 3/2014 • Austin, TX
  • Responsible for completely redesigning the visual look and feel of the company’s web-based military software packages to display during client demos.
    • Aided the UX Designer and Software Developers in implementing a newer, fresher, and more modern look to their complex software packages through sketches, wireframes, and color mockups.
    • Responsible for converting color mockups into usable assets for the developers, which included the following:
      • Provided detailed documentation that provided color values for gradients, backgrounds, text colors, etc. when applicable.
      • Created image/texture sheets filled with custom made 16×16, 24×24, and 32×32 icons.
    • Created animated Flash mockups that helped convey to developers how buttons and various other UI elements were to be animated during user interaction.
    • Worked with company’s business managers to design modernized datasheets and powerpoint slide templates to show to clients.
    • Conceptualized a complete and more modernized version of company’s website.
MANAGING MEMBER AND LEAD ARTIST • Fervent Interactive, LLC (Side Company)
8/2008 TO 01/23/2014 • Austin, TX
  • Created all sketches, mockups, and final 2D art and animation, as well as UI artwork for Totem Elements (iOS).
  • Created all sketches, mockups, and final 2D and 3D art and animation for Bruce (iOS).
    • Completed Bruce within 3 months with a team of only two developers.
  • Created all sketches, mockups, and final 2D and UI artwork for Totem (Xbox Live Indie Games).
SENIOR UI ARTIST • Seamless Entertainment, Inc.
8/2008 TO 10/2009 and 1/2010 TO 7/2012 • Austin, TX
  • Responsible for creating UI assets for SOL: Exodus (PC), Swipewood (Scrapped iOS title), 10 Minute Solution (Wii), Sesame Street A-to-Zoo (Wii), and Family Fun Football (Wii).
    • Created a significant supply of UI conceptual sketches.
    • Created fully interactive wireframe mockups in Adobe Flash for the studio and creative directors.
    • Created final mockups, icons, and in-game assets based on wireframes and the creative director’s design documents.
  • Aided in the creation and editing of UI art for Little League World Series (DS).
UI DESIGNER • TimeGate Studios
10/2009 TO 1/2010 • Sugar Land, TX
  • Helped define and create User Interface frontend style and concepts for Section 8: Prejudice (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC).
  • Created a fully interactive menu flow system in Adobe Flash.
CONTRACT UI ARTIST • Panic Button Games
9/2010 TO 6/2011 • Austin, TX
  • Responsible for creating wireframe concepts, animated flow mockups, and final UI art for Hulk Hogan’s Main Event (Kinect).
ASSOCIATE ARTIST • KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
5/2007 TO 6/2008 • Austin, TX  
  • UI/Menu Artist: Assisted GUI artists in creating 2d minigames for the game world.
  • Prop modeler: Specialized in creating 3D low-poly prop models for an undisclosed MMO.
    • Created 3D objects from start to finish, including modeling, UV mapping, and texturing.
3D/UI ARTIST • Kush Games, Inc.
2/2004 TO 5/2007 • Camarillo, CA
  • UI/Menu Artist: Spent the majority of time convening with the art director and a team of up to seven programmers to create UI systems, design, and implementation for two shipped baseball titles: MLB2k6 and MLB2k7 (Xbox 360, PS3).
  • Cutscene Artist: Tweaked motion capture data to give player models more realistic and fluid motion.
  • Texture Artist: Duties included texturing and editing UV maps for low to mid polygon characters and player likenesses.




“Gumdrop” • Best in Show Award • Central Texas Global Game Jam 2014



  • Fifteen years of experience in Adobe Photoshop
  • Six years of experience in Adobe Flash
  • Five years of experience in Scaleform
  • Four years of experience in Autodesk Maya
  • Two years of experience in Autodesk 3d Studio Max




AUGUST 2002 • University of Georgia • Athens, GA
  • Recipient of the Mary Rosenblatt Graduate Award in Art
  • Two-time Dean’s List honoree (>3.5 semester GPA)
  • Hope scholarship recipient 1996-97